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Therion - Birth of Venus Illegitima (Live)

Album: "Vovin" (1998) with Martina ·٠•●☆ ♥ ☆●•٠·

Therion Online:

Birth of Venus Illegitima "Lyrics"

Aphrodite is rising from the shell.
A newly born to be seen to expel from the paradise,
to drink from her well.

O Venus Illegitima
Born again without shame
Child of sin is my name

Aphrodite is falling into the hell of her sins and the lust
for that spell of the forbidden nectar from her well

01.The Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah
02.Birth of Venus Illegitima
03.Wine of Aluqah
04.Clavicula Nox
05.The Wild Hunt
06.Eye of Shiva
07.Black Sun

Draconian Trilogy
08.The Opening
09.Morning Star
10.Black Diamonds
11.Raven of Dispersion
26.7.11 01:26

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